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Good Home Phone Service at a Low Price: Net-Tell LLC

March 17, 2018

As soon as a Net-Tell LLC customer sets up their service - and that set up is incredibly easy - they will get unlimited flat-rate calling anywhere in the U.S., with no long distance charges, and a wide variety of features many phone companies charge extra to get. For example, they have the ability to block all incoming calls while you take a nap or a work break, as well as three-way calling and the greatest voicemail available.

Included with all Net-Tell LLC home telephone service plans are a host of great features that lead them to believe they are getting the best home phone service ever, even after they get the bill and marvel at the low cost. They don’t even notice a difference in quality because there is none. They use the same landline phone and make calls exactly the same way they always did before, with no change in sound quality, although it’s possible the sound will be better, since they use VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, technology, which sends calls over the Internet.